Content Writers

If you need help adding content to your website I would suggest you hire a content writer or copywriter

Here are some suggestions

Copywriter One

What can I help you with? 

  Sell more product. Boost engagement. Increase footfall. Grow brand love. Whatever your objective, we can achieve it together.

  I’ll get to know your target audience, understand your strategic approach and interpret your briefs to create communications that are reflective of your brand. And deliver results.

  I work with big brands. Small ones. And ad agencies of all shapes and sizes. Whoever you are, and whatever you want writing or creating, I’ll produce it on time and budget.

To chat about a project, find out my availability or just arrange going for a coffee, you can email or call 07939 027889. Alternatively, if you love filling in a form, your day just got even better.

I work with brave brands who dare to be different. I don’t believe in formulas or blueprints. I stick a finger up to empty promises and cringe at the word “competition”.

Why Do You Need a Web Copywriter?

Any Old Words Just Won’t Do

Design hooks the eyes. Words hook the mind and persuade people to take action. A good-looking website is useless without good words. Like a Ferrari without an engine: pretty to look at, but won’t get you very far. A web copywriter (yes, that’s me) provides the words that power your online presence. They craft copy that draws the reader in. Answers their questions. And convinces them that the only sensible next step is to buy (whatever it is you’re selling).

Q: How do you charge for your copywriting services?

A: Most of my copywriting jobs are quoted: a flat fee agreed in advance, based on the length and complexity of the brief. For production companies and agencies I usually charge by the day. For shorter projects I can charge by the hour.

Copywriter Two

Senior Copywriter , Messagelab Communications Available for work

I founded Messagelab Communications in April 2012, having previously worked as a journalist and editor in Munich, and as Communications Manager at a university. I am based in Bournemouth, Dorset, but work worldwide.

I write creative copy for digital and print. My skill is transforming wordy writing or complicated ideas into clear, concise and engaging copy.

Clients include The Royal Society, World Animal Protection, Autistica, British Council and Royal Holloway University. I’m a member of Charity Comms, the professional membership body for charity communicators.

Suggested rates for hiring copywriters

Copywriters capture attention, raise awareness and make sales. 

What can you expect to pay for a skilled copywriter?

Our 2020 survey of 640 copywriters found an average day rate of £379.

Rates typically reflect a copywriter’s experience, as well as their level of demand, capabilities and the nature of their work.

Junior copywriters often start at around £250 per day (with wide regional and sector variations.

As a comparison, business consultants charge an average of £475 per day (according to IT Jobs Watch).

Copywriter Three

Copywriting made easy

We deliver quick, quality content written by qualified, approved copywriters.

Copywriting From £0.04 per word